Product & Services

Mogra Engineering offers a wide range of welding automation products that have applications across many industries - for example, Boiler industry, Wind Mill Production, Pipe Welding, Heat Exchanges, Turbines, Pressures Vessels, and many others.

Welding Rotators

Welding Rotators support cylindrical objects and rotate them to set the work piece for a desired operation such as assembly, peripheral welding or longitudinal welding.

Welding Positioners

Welding Positioners provide a comfortable position for a welder to perform welding operations on industrial parts, especially the ones that are tubular or spherical.

Welding Column & Boom

Welding Column & Booms ease out continuous automatic welding operations by suitably manipulating the welding head, which is fixed at the end of the boom.

Headstock & Tailstock

Headstock and Tailstock positioners generally handle the rotation of long work pieces around a horizontal centerline.

Fit-up Rollers

Fit up bed rollers are used to align the butting walls of two joining sections which are out-of-round or do not perfectly match. A time-saving system ideal for the manufacturing of large connected vessels.

Welding Turn Tables

Welding Turn Tables are an important part of the welding automation process offering increased safety and efficiency for welding operations on odd-shaped parts.

Special Purpose Welding Automation Machines

We also design and manufacture custom built special purpose welding automation machines - for example, industrial trolleys, cement hoppers, etc. - for our customers.