Welding Rotators

The Mogra Engineering Welding Rotators are engineered for peak performance. Welding Rotators support cylindrical objects and rotate them to set the work piece for a desired operation such as ‘assembly’, peripheral welding or ‘longitudinal’ welding - thus eliminating the frequent use of cranes, reducing idle time, and simplifying the circumferential welding operation. With proper care and maintenance, many years of trouble free service can be expected from these Rotators. Mogra Engineering Welding Rotators are built to the highest standards with quality materials and components.

Applications of our Welding Rotators:

Boiler Industry, Wind Mill Production, Pipe Welding, Heat Exchanges, Turbines, Pressures Vessels, and many others.

Standard Features:

  • Torque free axle shaft
  • Infinitely variable wheel distance adjustment
  • Spur-type gear drive system
  • Dual drive arrangement
  • Step-less variable surface speed
  • Speed regulation through VFD drive system
  • Pendant-type control panel

Optional Features:

  • Manual or motorised trolley / bogie
  • Roller material
  • Synchronization - with two or more drive Rotators
  • Customization for painting & sand blasting operation

Advantages of Welding Rotators:

Increases productivity
Reduces material handling
Reduces operator fatigue
Enhances safety
Provides stable rotational speed with reliable grip of any cylindrical vessel
Enables consistent high-quality circumferential welds
Conventional Type (WRC)
A conventional welding rotator with fixed distance between rollers.
Lead-screw Type (WRL)
The center distance between rollers can be changed by a lead screw arrangement.
Self Aligning Type (WRS)
The rollers are hinged to the beds and open up automatically when a larger diameter job is introduced.
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